Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jason Parker Race Cars are SWELL


My homeboy Jason Parker in owner operator of Jason Parker Race Cars in T.O. Ontario. He's an extremely talented and well rounded fabricator and builder of ground pounding racers, tail draggin lowriders, and some of the most BADASS motosickles I have ever seen whether it be all out lanesplittin chops, or numbers matching Knucks or Pans. He's a sweety to boot! HA! I'll put up some pics of shinanigans when I come back from my visit in a couple of weeks.

Check him out at

Also here is the man showin his "Greasy Little Fucker", a rad little sickle featuring an OG Pan frame with a Genny Shovel.........What the F*&K could a guy ask for?

check it out here

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