Friday, July 31, 2009

It stands on it's OWN

Locked myself in my shop again today and crossed a few more things off the list. Got my kickstand welded on, and rolled it out onto the street to see how it looks. My Front St. fender should hopefully come this week, as well as my Specialseventynine bars. Then I can mount the seat permanently and rock the bars I'm gonna be using and drop the headlight down some. But for now here it is. Drillin holes to run wires this weekend, and Loctite EVERYTHING.

I like it cause it's different. It's kind of a gooseneck/long bike/whatever it is. Something you don't see too often.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Who says customer service is DEAD? FRONT ST. CYCLE RULES!

There has been a fuck up by our BRUTAL mail system and my payment for a fender hasn't arrived to Craig in almost a month. Now this fender is the last thing I have to slam on my bike before I can wire/fire get inspected and RIDE! So I'm dead in the water right? WRONG! Craig has graciously offered to send me the fender without recieving payment yet so I can move along on my bike. Now this is extremely stand up of him to do when not too many.... if anyone who makes a living off their product would do.

This just shows how much of a kickass dude Craig is and what excellent customer service he provides for his product.

This will be the first fender I've used from Craig and I have heard nothing but great things about them so I am STOKED and honored to be able to run it on my bike.

MAD PROPS GIVIN TO FRONT ST.CYCLE and I will stand behind him any day.

Check it out and give him your buisness.

Monday, July 13, 2009


If you haven't noticed I've changed the title of my blog to the name of my new fab buisness. I'll be mainly focusing on the sickle world but can custom fab or machine anything your little heart desires.

I will also be a canadian dealer for the following to
start off

Biltwell Inc.

Badass chop parts and accessories from Califas.

Lowbrow Customs

Custom parts and apparel for the Lowbrow type

Cycleone Manufacturing

Frames for any type of set-up you can think of. From HD to metric, to British, to whatever. Also any accessory from oilbags to sprotors to air ride seat set-ups.

I will be official in 2 weeks so check in to see the progress.

That is all.