Thursday, June 18, 2009

FE Head progress

I took a "mental health" day today and locked myself in the shop. Got a bunch done. Aiming at riding this bitch by the middle/end of July. Tank will get painted along with the fender and IT'S ON! If I have time over the winter I'll break it down and do a proper splash job but we'll see.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


2 generations of wrenching right here. My boy loves to help Pop wrench on his bike, makes me damn proud!


Finally found a set of bullet center caps for the Chevy. I dig'em, now it's time for some chrome lugnuts. and a recent picture of my EH'Ronhead. WERD

Friday, June 5, 2009


Gave my sled a coat of gloss black on the wheels. I dig it. Got some bullet cantercaps on the way to top it off. Yea Yea I know it's dirty but fuck it, this car gets driven in the rain sun, and even snow a couple weeks ago.

Momma's gonna be on 2 wheels!

I scored this '57 BSA A10 from an old biker just outside town. I'm gonna turn out a cool lil street tracker for Momma. Here's her modellin it up. Isn't she delicious? YUM!!!!!!

Stay tuned for the build.


THE gas tank that Jay Roche blasted out for me is absfrigginlutely amazingly perfect except for one thing. I forgot to tell him that my frame has some up stretch and with the stock petcock location I'd be missing about a gallon of gas. So because of my dumbass mistake and not having Jay do it when he had it, I did it myself trying not to ruin such a piece of art. I machined 2 threaded bungs (I love that word) and welded them on at work with mig since my tig is actin up. I'm gonna be able to suck every last drop of gas outta this tank now. Usin 2 brass fuel valves. I think it turned out pretty good.