Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dress up

Tryin out a set of rad Wabbit Ears my homie Hach sent me for a future build. I couldn't resist to try them out on the Sporty. I dig the flow of them and they're comfy to boot. Notice the fancy new Front St. fender. It'll go under the knife soo to trim it to aboot the 1 o'clock position and strutted to the sissybah (that one's for you Roche!) Almost there, last is to

-drill holes to run wires
-Strut the rear fender top and bottom
-Put the thrust plate on the kicker shaft
-paint the sheetmetal
-go over and Loctite EVERYTHING!
-weld on exhaust brackets
-mount the front fender
-mount turn signals
-Make carb support bracket to come off the top motormount
-finalize the headlight and tail light brackets
-plumb, wire and FIRE

A couple hours of fab work and wiring and it will breath it's first breath of life SOON!

STAY TUNED..........................


  1. im likin those rabbits ears. fit the bike the best out of the other bars ive seen on there. digign the high sissy also.

  2. Dig it! How you like the fendah?

    gonna look fab with the 79 bahrs!