Monday, July 20, 2009

Who says customer service is DEAD? FRONT ST. CYCLE RULES!

There has been a fuck up by our BRUTAL mail system and my payment for a fender hasn't arrived to Craig in almost a month. Now this fender is the last thing I have to slam on my bike before I can wire/fire get inspected and RIDE! So I'm dead in the water right? WRONG! Craig has graciously offered to send me the fender without recieving payment yet so I can move along on my bike. Now this is extremely stand up of him to do when not too many.... if anyone who makes a living off their product would do.

This just shows how much of a kickass dude Craig is and what excellent customer service he provides for his product.

This will be the first fender I've used from Craig and I have heard nothing but great things about them so I am STOKED and honored to be able to run it on my bike.

MAD PROPS GIVIN TO FRONT ST.CYCLE and I will stand behind him any day.

Check it out and give him your buisness.

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