Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special 79 Fab work at it's BEST!

While I was pondering what kind of tank I was gonna run on the IH build, a friend of mine Aaron recommended a gent by the name of Jay Roche aka Special79. Well I owe Aaron a thousand thank yous because as soon as I contacted Jay it was on! He is a real straight up dude with some mad fabrication skills! We chatted a couple of times and threw around some ideas and through my half assed descriptions Jay figured out what I was gettin at. I found a doner tank on Egay and got it sent to Mass for some special79 treatment. I knew how buisy Jay was puttin out badass tank, bar, and any other cool shit he does so I wasn't about to try and rush the job. Well Jay made it happen fast and with the most expert craftsmanship. He blew me away with how it turned out and how excellent it fit the backbone of a bike he's never seen in person.

In the end if you want to have a true metal craftsman work somethin for your build I HIGHLY recommend gettin a hold of Jay

He will take care of anything you need.

Thanks again Jay I hope I can build this bike half as righteous as the tank.


  1. dude is insane. thats gonna look stupendous on your motorbike.

  2. Schucks guys, thanks for the props.

  3. Well deserved Jay very well deserved